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How bright Neo-Brite Sign is?

Neo-Brite Sign's colors are direct color light source into your eyes, not an Ink, Plastic nor vinyl colors. It shows the same as tube neon signs from the distance. See the bright reflection from the table top.

13"x32"x3"D Standard size
MP1639 16"x39"x3'D
The same Copy 42 round glass
tube letters and Smaller....

$477+$25 S/H

3 lines of Messages, Bold,
Attractive Font style, Bright as Neon

Only $327Free Shipping

20"x37"x3"D Large size
MP1652 16"x52"x3'D
Neon prices are determined by size and
number of letters.
The more letters, the more expensive.

$520+$45 S/H

Only Neo-Brite sign offers up to 52"wide and can hold
more letters for so much less than tube neon.
Even if it's 4 lines or more Letters, Just one Price

Only $389Free Shipping

Message panel is easily interchangeable
without profeessional assistance.
Precise Perfect logo or graphics reproduction
in neon brightness
Any language or font style with super crisp reproduction in neon brightness
  • One Year Warranty
  • Bright as conventional neon, Visible day and night from blocks away.
  • A strong nevertheless lightweight metal residence. There is no breakage any more like tube neon.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Interchangeable message panel and neon color lamps in seconds.
  • Crisp logo or lettering even complicate graphics can be precisely reproduced.
  • Sign comes with hanging materials, Easy to install in 5 min.
  • Shipped in 48 hrs
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Fill in your desired messages, letter styles and colors, Our Pro-Designer will email you the best look sign Layout ASAP.

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