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10 Creative Ways to Incorporate Neon Signs at Weddings

10 Creative Ways to Incorporate Neon Signs at Weddings

Wedding planning? You've got the dress, the venue, as well as the playlist that's going to make everyone dance. There's still a chance you're ready to add a touch of modern magic that will leave your guests feeling awestruck!

Neon Sign stands for an unexpected fashion that takes the wedding through a storm. Such a sign can be combined with customizable colors, fonts, as well as phrases that can give your big day a serious personality. Besides, we've got the insider scoop on how to use neon signs at weddings.


Why Neon Signs Make a Great Wedding Accessory

Neon signs have transcended their traditional association with dive bars and retro diners. They now offer customization, versatility, and exceptional photogenic qualities. Moreover, neon signs at weddings bring a distinctive charm that sets your event apart from the ordinary.


10 Ways to Use Neon Signs at Weddings

Whether you're envisioning a chic city soirée or a romantic garden ceremony, there's a neon sign style that can perfectly complement your vision. Let's explore  ten creative ways to illuminate your love with neon signs:

  1. Spell It Out, Custom Names and Initials

It's an undeniably romantic thing to see your names entangled in glowing letters. Every custom neon sign at weddings with your initials or last name is a dateless memento that you will remember long after the last dance. It's a great way to personalize your space and make it truly yours.

  1. Love Quotes That Shine

Let your love story be told in radiant light. Choose any of your favorite quotation marks, any meaningful lyrics, or even every line of your vow to create a neon masterpiece. You can also present a glowing testament to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

  1. Hashtag Highlights

Turn your wedding hashtag into a trending subject, with every neon sign asking to be shared. These neon signs at weddings are a fun and synergistic way of getting your guests involved in the celebration. It creates a digital memory album that will be filled with memories long after that big day.

  1. Directionally Chic

Neon signs at weddings can guide your guests to this aid from your venue, together with some stylish arrows that point in the direction of the wedding, cocktail hour, reception, or photo booth. Any discreet detail on the neon signs at weddings will add a touch of fun and functionality.

  1. Bar Flair with a Glimmer

Turn your bar into a glowing oasis filled with neon signs displaying your signature drinks and trade beers, or simply state, "Cheers!" as an invitation to relax, socialize, and enjoy the celebration in any stylish literature setting.

  1. Table Numbers with a Twist

Forget about boring table numbers! Opt for miniature neon signs at weddings that assign each table a unique glow. It's a small detail that adds a big dose of charm to your reception and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  1. Dance Floor Vibes

Get your guests moving with the freshness associated with each neon sign that sets the mood for each night of fun. Choose one of the phrases that reflect your power, like "Till Death Do Us Party!,”  or " All Night Long," or even a single vibrant disco ball. Your guests will be guided to the dance floor by sounds and light.

  1. Photo Booth Fun

Create designated areas for perfect pictures with neon sign backdrops. These luminous neon signs at weddings add a unique touch to photos that will become cherished memories. They can also be a unique way to capture the essence of the wedding and share it with loved ones on social media.

  1. Cake Topper Glow-Up

Make a strong statement with neon signs on the wedding cake top that promote your dessert from sweet to sensational. They can be a conversation starter that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and add an unexpected twist to the cake cutting.

  1. Gift Table Sparkle

A neon sign pointing to your gift table adds a touch of refinement and helps guests know where to leave their well wishes for the happy couple. It's a thoughtful detail that shows your appreciation for their presence and generosity.


Why Choose Neon Signs at Wedding

  • Unforgettable Impression: Neon signs at weddings are not easily forgotten. These signs will leave an enduring impression on your guest's surface, and they will also add a touch of charm to your celebration.
  • Versatility in Design: Neon signs at weddings are easily customizable. You have the liberty to choose from an extensive range of colors, fonts, and designs to create a sign that truly reflects your unique style alongside the wedding theme.
  • Long-Lasting Keepsake: After the wedding, your neon sign can be used as one of the treasured pieces of your interior decoration, helping you remember the special day in a single way.


Illuminate Your Love Story with Neon

Neon signs at weddings are incredibly flexible. They may be used indoors or outdoors, hung on the wall, placed on a desk, or integrated into a floral arrangement. Plus, they're an attractive memento after the wedding, every gleaming reminder of your special day. If you look at all the ways in which you can give your wedding a contemporary, personalized touch, neon signs are the perfect choice.

You are certain to find the perfect sign to make your celebration radiance, along with countless other creative options. Our team of experts, Best Buy Neon, offers an extensive range of neon signs perfect for weddings.


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