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Glass Neon Faq

How long will my neon take to make?

Our production is typically 7-10 business days. We don’t work weekends because we love our job and want to keep it that way!

Do you take rush orders?

We do take rush orders but of course restrictions do apply. For any orders placed with shorter turn around time then 7-10 business days will apply some rush fees starting at $50~$200 depending on how rush is your order.

Do you ship?

We provide guaranteed damage free shipping through UPS Ground service to 48 states.
Standard turn around time for shipping to West Coast is 1-3 days and East Coast is 4-5 days ontop of production times.*
We will get a quote for shipping charge from UPS or FEDEX or other companies each time.
*We are not responible for unexpected weather delays or mishandling after product is delivered.

Is there warranty on your products?

Yes! All of our signs come up to 1- year of warranty on electrical components.**
Our warranty covers only electrical components and we will gladly exchange parts within 1 year of receipt. The warranty will be fulfilled through exchange via UPS or other preferred shipping methods. We will not come out to deliver warranty replacements. Please contact us at for processing.
**Some restrictions may apply. The transformers or sign may not be altered in anyway for warranty to remain valid.

How can I hang my neon sign?

How to display your sign will depend on your backing.
To hang your neon, use chains included which are aprox 18”-36” long.
To mount the sign, use screws or nails where the pre drilled holes are in the acrylic back board.
For neon and parts with no acrylic backing, direct to wall installation, please call your local electrician* or handyman to help you install or watch the installation video.

* The National Electrical Code does not recommend DIY high voltage installation without proper experience.

Do you install?

Currently we do not offer glass neon installation at phiscal job address. Please find local installer, electrician or handyman.

Do you offer repairs?

We do offer repair services for our own local existing customers. Please be aware there are occasions when replacing the whole neon is a more cost effective than repairing many places in your existing sign.

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