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Types of Neon Signs for Different Occasions

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The Modern Neon Sign

Having started in the 20th century and gaining popularity in that same decade, the neon sign went into a slight decline at the start of the 21st century. Today, however, the neon sign is making a comeback thanks to safer, more energy-efficient, and affordable LED neon flex.

Aside from the above, LED neon products are also more durable and easier to create into signs. This means that businesses and companies can now light up with neon signs for any holiday occasion or special occasion. You can now give a personalized stunning addition to wedding party décor, the Christmas holidays, or a special occasion such as a birthday or opening of a new startup business.

Personalized and Customized Neon Signs

Neon signs or lights are artfully handcrafted from original designs, either from the client or by the manufacturer. Any neon sign can be personalized or customized. They can be customized neon signs for weddings, important occasions or events, birthdays, the holidays, and more.

Business Neon Signs for All Occasions

Businesses are discovering that modern flex neon LED signs can be used to attract customers beyond more than just the traditional neon open signs. Neon word lights can feature birthday celebrants in a company; neon wall art can adorn coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and diners to feature special occasions such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and many more.

Any business today, big or small, that is familiar with the Instagram and other social media generation should use neon light signs to great effect because many people actually take picture or selfies with neon signs behind them. So, if businesses want to get people talking about their business, add a neon wall decoration for any occasion as a backdrop for those all-important selfies or groupies.

What Special Occasions May Warrant Neon Decoration Signs?

  • Birthdays (Generic Sign or celebrating an age)

  • Baby Showers or Welcome Baby celebrations (It’s a Girl or It’s a Boy Signs)

  • Halloween neon signs

  • Neon signs for Corporate Events or as Party Décor

  • Anniversary Celebrations

  • Christmas or New Year neon signs

  • Easter neon signs

  • Thanksgiving neon signs

  • Valentine and “Fall in Love” or “Love and Cupid” neon signs

  • Vacation mood neon signs

  • Religious occasions

However, there could be more events and special occasions for neon signs, so neon signs are not limited to the above. Neon lights can even be used for a Bar Mitzvah, a baptism, retirement celebration, or even Veterans Day. The ideas and designs are endless.

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