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How to Attract Customers with Neon Business Sign

When you talk to potential customers, you need to make sure to let them know that when they invest in a neon business sign, it helps bring in customers for their business because the neon sign attracts people with its eye-catching design.

In fact, these three factors are what attracts customers to businesses with awesomely designed neon business signs.

NEON Business Signs
NEON Business Signs

Use of Compelling Colors

Colors are what make a neon sign. The use of compelling colors will always attract customers to any business and draw them in. Never use bland and primary colors, even if they’re red or blue. Use customized colors. Today, there are literally hundreds of different shades and color tones to choose from, so the possibilities are endless in attracting customers.

Always choose a unique color with the brand image.

Use Contrasting Colors

Aside from compelling colors, try to use contrasting colors. For instance, use orange words on a blue background for easier reading. The background and main letters on the neon sign should be colors that are contrasting or complimentary. But you want the message on the neon sign to stand out the most. The message should never blend in with the background.

Play with the color combination to find something unique and that pops out.

Make the Letters Large Enough to Read

Always consider how far away people will be when they read your sign. When people pass by, can they read the sign? Or is it a sign that people can read as they drive by? Also select the right kind of font that is readable for people at a distance as well as when they are right outside the business.

When designing a neon business sign, the keys are to make sure you use compelling colors and contrasting colors and to use a font size that is readable for the specific environment where the sign should be hanging.

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