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Different Uses for Personalized LED Neon Signs

Even in this modern digital age, traditional advertising is still popular in promoting businesses or simply as personalized identification. There are many traditional ways of advertising, but the most proven and efficient way is by LED neon signs. This is because day or night (but most especially at night) an LED neon sign can be seen even from a distance. However, when a customized or personalized neon sign is made, there are often different uses for it, some not for advertising.

Artistic Displays

The raw materials used to make LED neon signs are inexpensive, and unlike their glass tube ancestors, LED neon can be fashioned into any design. This is why LED neon is growing in popularity for people who want to turn their artistic displays into neon signs because they can remake their art into neon lights. And not only does LED neon become an artistic tool, it can also advertise the artist’s studio or art exhibit location.

Adding Ambience

When LED neon signs are added inside a business establishment, especially in a bar, restaurant, etc., it not only promotes the business but also adds good ambiance to the place. A special menu can even be advertised courtesy of the LED neon sign. Stores can design a neon sign to look like their bestseller product.

School Campus Identity

Secondary and college campuses are slowly putting up LED neon signs that identify their campus. For instance, the LED neon sign can represent the school’s sports team mascot. And since the neon signs are bright at night, the campus can be spotted from long distance.

Night Spots

People traveling at night can easily spot a gas station from afar thanks to an LED neon sign. Or the neon sign could identify a convenience store with toilet facilities for night travelers needing to make a pit stop. For the weary travelers, nothing beats seeing a motel’s LED neon sign because they need to rest for the night.

Neon Wall Clocks

Because neon lights are switched on at night, LED neon signs make for good wall clocks. The soft light can show the way to the bathroom or kitchen at night while being able to see the time even in the dark. It may also serve as a night light in the children’s room.

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