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Reception Neon Wedding Sign Ideas to Add Brightness to Any

Everyone will love a nice neon wedding sign at the reception, and yes, it has to be at the reception unless you can get the local priest, pastor, rabbi, or imam to agree to your neon sign. You can have a post-ceremony backdrop, welcome signage, or bar décor that displays the couple’s name or favorite saying. That’s sure to bring a pop to the party. But there are endless possibilities for design and purpose, so brides and grooms-to-be need to put their heads together to utilize a once-in-a-lifetime trend.

In the form of tips, here comes the guide:

Just Say Thank You

Can’t think of anything? Have a “Thank You” custom-made and have your wedding photographer take your picture with it. It makes for a great post-wedding-thank-you card. Or put it in a photo booth so guests can have their picture taken with it.

Share the Hashtag

For you socially addicted guests to hashtag your wedding photos, your hashtag neon sign is the easiest reference. It’s the fastest way to spread your hashtag.

This Way Please

Neon signs can also be made to steer guests in the right direction, or to a surprise party. Instead of using a boring wooden sign, light up the directions with a “This way to a party” or “Meet us at the bar” to show guests where to go.

Express What You Want

Neon signs can express your personalities, how you met, or your future dreams. You can customize for signs like “We almost crashed into each other” or “Pure American Love” or “It was always you.”

But Keep it Minimal

You can have a swanky neon sign with a sweet cursive sentiment, or a sign with both your first names; both are chic enough to stand on their own. You save money on additional disposable decors, but can also bring home the neon sign to decorate your home. You can even have “Love is all you need” or “The best is yet to come” so it looks really good at home, and serves as a reminder why you were joined in matrimony.

Other Unique Ideas

A customized neon sign with your last name, and with ‘Est.’ (followed by year).

Mixing a neon sign with candles for an awesome photo booth background.

The couple’s initials inside a heart.

A “’ Til Death” neon sign.

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