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The neon light signage has been a fixture of businesses since it came out sometime in 1940. However, because traditional neon still uses the glass tube, it slowly being phased out. In its place, in order to keep the tradition of the neon sign, is the LED Flex Neon sign.

Basically, the new LED flex neon uses LED with solid-state semi-conductors that offer energy savings and definitely more eco-friendly. The old glass neon signs used neon gas fluorescents. The average AC voltage range of LED neon is between 24V and 120V.

This makes LED neon much safer than glass-tubed neon with voltages that reach between 3KV to 18KV.

Compared to the ordinary light bulbs of the 20th century, glass neon fluorescents used to last a long 10,000 hours, the longest in that period. However, LED flex neon now offer up to 30,000 hours, a three times longer lifespan.

LED flex neon lights are so easy to create and install, even an entry-level technician can do the job. They can be easily cut, bent, and shaped to just about any design. On the other hand, glass fluorescent neon requires a master craftsman with extreme experience in production and installation.

Glass neon is also very fragile and vulnerable when it is dropped or something hard bumps into it. Being glass, it breaks easily. LED flex neon is flame retardant, flexible, and made from PVC, so it is unlikely to break even if the sign is dropped.

Environment and Human Friendly

With the old glass fluorescent neon lights, there is the issue of mercury contamination and poisoning. Neon users and workers have been known to contract heavy metal poisoning from frequent exposure or breathing in mercury impregnated glass. LED lights contain no mercury or heavy metal and are safer for the environment because they utilize less energy.

No Pixels, No Dark Spots

LED flex neon is uniform linear lighting with high quality brightness. You don’t get the light spots, pixilation, or dark spots caused by installation dark spot connections. The light and colors all come out smooth and vibrant.

There is no doubt that LED Flex Neon is the better option as an upfront investment that will pay for itself because of fewer replacement and cheaper operating costs.

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