Neons Signs for Wedding

Neon wedding signs are a colorful and unexpected décor addition that can light up your wedding venue. Neon wedding signs can be vibrant, playful, and purposeful, depending on what the couple decides to create or design.


These signs can be used to direct guests to a venue, label stations, tell stories, or simply convey an important wedding detail such as the date they met, a hashtag, or their new monogram. This can all be done while lighting up the party, thus, creating a festive ambiance.


Neon signs are customizable, so it’s up to you, the couple, to decide on the color, shape, and size complements for your event’s style, aside from the overall design. Best of all, neon signs make great wedding keepsakes since the couple can later hang this in their home. Imagine the questions the kids will ask about the neon sign when they come of age!