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Shop our huge collection of LED FLEX neon signs, for both indoor and outdoors use


Illuminate your brand , captivate your audience

Elevate your brand with bold, eye-catching neon signage that boosts visibility and makes a striking impact.

By transforming any space into a vibrant beacon, you attract attention both day and night. Neon lights blend style with efficiency to make your message unforgettable, ensuring your brand stands out in a competitive landscape.

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Brighten up your business with neon

Boost visibility and attract more customers with a vibrant neon sign.

Neon signs elevate your indoor space, making your business instantly more noticeable and inviting. These energy-efficient and durable signs serve as a cost-effective advertising tool that operates non-stop, enhancing your brand's visibility. Customizable to match your brand's aesthetic, neon lights add a unique flair that captivates customers, setting your business apart in a competitive market.

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Transform your events into experiences

Create a memorable experience and leave a lasting impression with an eye-catching neon sign. 

Neon signs add vibrancy and character to any event, ensuring it's both memorable and visually captivating. Customizable to any theme, neon signs enhance the atmosphere and serve as versatile décor or practical signage. Energy-efficient and durable, neon creates unforgettable experiences that light up the night and charm your guests.

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Upgrade your sales and marketing events

Make your sales events stand out with our portable tabletop neon signs. Designed for easy transport and setup, they come with a carrying case and battery, perfect for any location. Capture the attention of your audience and leave a lasting impression at mixers, dinners, or conferences.

Customize your presence with a logo-lit tabletop neon sign. Upload your logo to create a personalized, bright, and lightweight sign that boosts your brand's visibility and impact at any sales event.

Transport your neon sign with ease. Our durable carrying cases are designed specifically for tabletop neon signs, ensuring they're protected and ready for every event, anywhere

Freedom from cords with our long-lasting batteries. Designed for tabletop neon signs, these batteries provide hours of illumination, making your sign truly portable and versatile for any setting.

Bringing neon to your sales and marketing events is easy. Choose your sign, add a carrying case for protection, and select a battery for cordless operation. Stand out at your next event with vibrant neon.

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2 year Warranty

Our warranty covers damage from shipping and defects in materials

Remote Dimmer

Activate, deactivate and adjust brightness settings

Installation Kit

All signs include a mounting kit for hanging or wall mounting

Happiness Guaranteed

Our neon signs are guaranteed to generate smiles