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How to Fix a Neon Sign and Keep It Glowing?

How to Fix a Neon Sign and Keep It Glowing?

Neon signs, with their vibrant glow and captivating allure, have been adorning cityscapes and businesses for well over a century. However, even these radiant beauties can show signs of aging over time. Cracks, flickering lights, and dimmed sections may emerge, suggesting that your once-luminous neon sign could use a bit of T.L.C!

Before calling a professional, did you know that learning how to fix a neon sign is actually quite simple? So, if you're up for the challenge and eager to acquire the skills needed to revive your neon masterpiece, then this guide is here to guide you through the process. Now, let us get going.

Safety First!

Before you try to make any repairs and learn how to fix a neon sign, remember that any neon sign, big or small, packs a punch with high voltage. So, make sure you always unplug your sign and wait for it to cool down completely before attempting any fixes. 

The best tools for the job are gloves and safety glasses, and it is safer to work in an adequately ventilated space. If any step throws you a curveball, don't hesitate to seek help from a skilled technician. Now, let's get down to business and learn how to fix a neon sign!

Diagnosing the Glow-Gone Woes

The process of learning how to fix a neon sign starts with the important initial stage, which is recognizing the problem at hand. Neon signs can experience various issues that can impact their performance. Let's go over some typical problems you may come across: 

  • Dimmer Than Usual?
  • This problem could be due to aging electrodes, a faulty transformer, or loose wire connections. If you believe you have the necessary skills, you can try tightening the wire connections. But for more serious issues like failing electrodes or transformers, it's best to learn how to fix a neon sign from a professional. 

  • Flickering or Strobing
  • A loose connection, a faulty starter, or even low voltage can be the culprit. Before calling a pro, try how to fix a neon sign by checking all connections from the power source to the transformer and individual tubes. If that doesn't work, consider replacing the starter or checking for low voltage.

  • Dead Zones
  • Cracked glass tubes, gas leaks, or electrode problems can cause parts of the sign to go out. While repairing cracks or gas leaks requires professional expertise, if you're comfortable working with glass, learning how to fix a neon sign by replacing worn-out electrodes might be an option. Look for cracks, discolored sections, or loose electrodes.

    Basic Repairs You Can Easily Handle

    Now that you are aware of the potential problems that your neon sign may face, let us move on to some simple fixes that you can perform on your own. 

  • Cleaning is Key: Gently dust and wipe down your sign with a soft cloth and soapy water. This can improve its brightness and prevent overheating.
  • Tighten Those Connections: Loose connections at the transformer or individual tubes can disrupt the flow of electricity. Use a screwdriver to tighten all connections securely.
  • Replace the Starter: Faulty starters can cause flickering or slow ignition. Consult your sign's manual or a professional to choose the right replacement starter.

  • Intermediate Fixes for the Brave

    This is the final step in learning how to fix a neon sign, but let us just say that performing the basic fixes is much easier than the intermediate fixes. However, if you believe you have a brave heart, here are some tips to consider. 

  • Patching Leaks: If a small crack is discovered, you can attempt patching it with a special neon repair kit. Follow the instructions carefully, ensuring a tight seal.
  • Replacing Electrodes: Worn-out electrodes can dim the glow. If you're comfortable working with delicate glasswork, you can replace them with compatible electrodes bought from neon sign suppliers.

  • Skip the Flickering Blues: Invest in Neon Brilliance

    By mastering these steps and prioritizing safety, you repair your neon sign and also unlock years of vibrant glow. Remember, a well-maintained neon sign is more than just an eye-catcher. It's an investment in your business or home's captivating aura, leaving a lasting impression on all who see it. While DIY repairs offer a sense of accomplishment, choosing the right sign from the start can save you precious time and effort in the long run. 

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