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How to Make a DIY Neon Sign That Pops!

How to Make a DIY Neon Sign That Pops!

Can you recall the memorable shine of a neon sign that invited you from across the road with its vibrant promise of fun and mystery? Now, picture that exact same brilliant light adorning your own wall and bringing custom-made magic to your space. That would be amazing, right?

Well, guess what, you don’t need a Hollywood budget to turn this dream into an absolute reality. You can create your own fantastic DIY neon sign, and it’s easier than you think! Forget about the clunky glass tubes and dangerous gases associated with traditional neon lights. LED neon lights era is upon us, and it is completely changing everything.

These bendable LED strips are as bright as any other type of light, are available in unlimited colors and are surprisingly secure as well as sustainable in terms of energy usage. Therefore, how do we take advantage of this innovation and develop a DIY neon sign that would look suitable enough for Times Square? Let’s dive in!


Step 1: Design Your Neon Dream

Sketch out your DIY neon sign design on paper. Will it be a sassy slogan, a playful icon, or perhaps a minimalist wordmark? Play with fonts, colors, and layouts. Remember, less is often more - keep your design clean and impactful for maximum punch.


Step 2: Gather Your Neon Warriors

Now, onto the tools and materials! Here's what your DIY neon sign arsenal needs:

  1. LED Neon Strips: Choose the width and color(s) that match your design. Most strips come with a silicone or PVC coating for extra protection.
  2. Acrylic Backing: This transparent sheet will hold your neon strip masterpiece in place. Plexiglass works well, but check with your local hardware store for options.
  3. Wattage Matters: This converts wall current to the lower voltage needed by your LEDs. Choose one with the appropriate wattage for your strip length.
  4. Mounting Hardware: Screws, nails, or even strong adhesive can secure your DIY neon sign to the wall.
  5. Optional Extras: Consider diffusers for softer lighting, wire channels for cleaner aesthetics, and remote controls for dimming or color-changing magic.


Step 3: Bend and Bind the Neon Light

This is the step where you unleash your inner neon artist! Start by gently bending the LED strip to follow your design outline. Most strips allow for gentle curving, but don't be a contortionist - over-bending can damage the LEDs. Use heat from a hairdryer (on low!) to make tighter bends if needed.


Step 4: Mount Your Neon Masterpiece

Secure the acrylic backing to a flat surface (a workbench is ideal). Now, carefully adhere the LED strip to the back of the acrylic, following your design precisely. Use silicone glue for a strong, transparent hold.


Step 5: Power Up Your Neon Creation

Connect the LED strip's positive and negative ends to the corresponding terminals on the power supply using the provided wires. Double-check your connections before plugging in - safety first! If all goes well, your DIY neon sign should spring to life, bathing your space in its radiant glow.


Pro tip: Label the positive and negative ends of the strip beforehand for easier wiring.


Step 6: Final Touches and Neon Tweaks

Want to take your DIY neon sign to the next level? Here are some bonus tips:

  • Diffuse the Light: Apply a diffusing film to the acrylic for a softer, more ambient glow.
  • Channel Your Neon: Hide unsightly wires inside channels for a polished look.
  • Control the Magic: Invest in the remote control to dim the brightness, switch colors, or even create dazzling light displays at home.


Showcase Your Neon Brilliance

The moment of truth has arrived! Mount your DIY neon sign proudly on your wall and bask in the warm glow of your creation. Share your neon masterwork with the world and encourage others to join the DIY neon revolution.

But hold on! While DIY neon is undeniably rewarding, it's not for everyone. If time or patience are scarce, or the thought of wrestling with glass tubes and transformers sends shivers down your spine, fear not! At Best Buy Neon Signs, we offer a stunning range of neon masterpieces, ready to light up your life without the DIY fuss.

Explore our vibrant collections of traditional glass neon, radiating a timeless glow that whispers vintage chic. We even have whimsical tabletop neons that add a playful touch to any desk or shelf. So, what are you waiting for? It's time you step into the limelight and let your neon masterwork glow!
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