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Learn How to Decorate Living Room Walls with Neon Signs

Learn How to Decorate Living Room Walls with Neon Signs

Imagine the bright glow of a neon sign greeting you as soon as you enter your living room. Not the flashy, flickering displays of the past, but a modern masterpiece, casting bold strokes of color and personality onto your walls. Whether it’s a playful motif or a custom creation, neon signs have become a powerful tool for transforming an ordinary space into a statement-making sanctuary.

Now, you may wonder where to begin and how to decorate living room walls, so read on. This guide serves as your neon compass, illuminating the path to living room walls that pop with luminous allure. From choosing the perfect sign to placement tips and safety considerations, we'll have you radiating confidence (and some seriously cool light) in no time.


Finding Your Glow: Choosing the Right Neon Signs

The first step is deciding what story you want your neon to tell on your living room walls. Are you drawn to bold words with punchy messages like "Relax" or "Get Cozy"? Do you crave the playful touch of a heart-shaped outline?

Perhaps you yearn for a piece of pop culture magic with a movie quote or iconic character. There is a neon sign for you, no matter your style, waiting to be your beacon. Let’s look at some popular options that teach you how to decorate living room walls with flair.

  • Inspirational Quotes: Words of wisdom in neon glow add a touch of zen or motivation to your space. Think "Good Vibes Only" or "Live Simply, Dream Big."
  • Playful Designs: Add eccentric charm with whimsical animals, geometric shapes, or celestial figures. A dancing flamingo or a glowing moon can be surprisingly versatile.
  • Pop Culture References: From your favorite band's lyrics to a TV show quote, neon can ignite your inner fangirl or fanboy. Just imagine a neon lightsaber humming above your couch.


How to Decorate Living Room Walls By Making Right Color Choice

Once you understand how to decorate living room walls with touching quotes and lively designs, take the next step by picking the perfect color scheme. Here are a few recommendations to help you make the best decision:

  1. Cozy Glow: Warm shades like pink, orange, and red create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance. Think sunset hues for a boho vibe or fiery red for a modern drama.
  2. Calming Serenity: Cool colors like blue, green, and white offer a calming, contemporary feel. Imagine an ocean-inspired teal glow or a crisp, neon white wordmark.
  3. Bold Blends: Don't shy away from bold color combinations! Try mixing colors such as blue and orange or purple and yellow to create a dynamic, eye-catching statement.
  4. Choosing the Perfect Size: When mastering how to decorate living room walls, the size of your preferred neon light matters. A massive neon sign might overpower a small living room, while a tiny one might get lost in a spacious loft. Choose a scale that complements your space and consider where the sign will be placed before finalizing the size.


Placing Your Neon Masterpiece: Lighting the Way

Now that you have learned how to decorate living room walls let us now think about the overwhelming job of choosing where to exhibit your drawings.

  1. Above the Sofa: This classic placement creates a focal point and adds ambiance to movie nights or cozy gatherings.
  2. Behind a Bar Cart: Add a touch of vintage glamour to your drinks station with a neon sign casting a colorful glow on your spirits.
  3. Above a Console Table: Elevate your entryway with a playful sign or a motivational quote to greet guests with a smile.
  4. In a Reading Nook: Create a relaxing atmosphere with a soft-hued neon sign above your armchair or in a cozy corner.
  5. Visual Balance: Experiment with different heights and angles to find the perfect balance of light and shadow. Use dimmer switches to create a mood-setting atmosphere.


Beyond the Glow: Your Living Room Transformed

Don't just inhabit your living room; transform it with the vibrant pulse of Best Buy Neon. Put an end to lifeless rooms – this is where everyday moments glow with personality. Best Buy Neon Signs is not just about lighting; it's about bringing your space to life. Every flick of the switch sets the scene, whether it's a playful ambiance for gatherings or a burst of creative energy for solo sessions.

Our diverse collection of custom LED and traditional neon signs lets you speak volumes without saying a word. Embrace the radiance. Let your walls whisper in luminous shades of fuchsia, cobalt, and emerald. Witness the magic as ordinary moments become extraordinary under the spell of neon. It's not just art, it's an experience – a living, breathing reflection of who you are.
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