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Light Up Your Love Story: How to Hang a Neon Sign at a Wedding

Light Up Your Love Story: How to Hang a Neon Sign at a Wedding

Love is an irresistible force that deserves to be celebrated in style. And what better way to capture that essence at your wedding than with a stunning neon sign? These electrifying beacons of personality and style bring a modern vibrancy that sets your day apart.

But how to hang a neon sign at a wedding without it overshadowing the happy tears and delicious cake? Don't worry, lovebirds! This guide is your ultimate blueprint to make your wedding vows shine brightly!

First Things First: Finding Your Sign

Before we get into how to hang a neon sign at a wedding, let’s find the ideal match for your love story.  Think beyond "Mr. & Mrs."! Get creative! Your name, a quirky quote, your wedding hashtag, or a playful inside joke - basically, the sign should reflect your individuality. 

Just remember, your chosen design should be legible, proportional to the space, and complement your overall theme.

Destination: Turn on the lights! 

So, you finally have your dream sign. Now, how to hang a neon sign at a wedding? The options are countless! Let us have a look:

Wall Wonders

  • Classic Brick Wall Chic: Most signs come with pre-drilled holes. Use screws or mounting hooks for a secure, permanent placement. And if you are worried about mounting the sign on the brick wall, do not be. The solution is simple! You can use masonry anchors.
  • Command Hooks: Another thing you can do at your wedding is to mount the sign on a dry-walled wall, which usually comes in the form of prefabricated sheets or panels. If you are wondering how to hang a neon sign at a wedding, and that too on a panelled wall, then remember, all you need to do is opt for heavy-duty command hooks. Simply adhere to the weight recommendations! 
  • Framed for the Spotlight: At a wedding, mounting your sign on a frame is the best way to improve the overall appearance of your venue. For the job, you can consider an ornate frame to elevate your sign into a dazzling artwork. But the main question that comes up in this situation is how to hang a neon sign at a wedding that has a frame. And the answer to this question is to mount the frame to the wall and hang the sign with a fishing line or picture wire.

The Ceiling Soiree

  • Dramatic Descent: All you need to do is suspend your sign from the ceiling on chains or wires for a cascading effect. Make sure you use sturdy hooks or ceiling mounts based on your venue's structure.
  • Airy Embrace: String lights around the sign to create a whimsical, starry night atmosphere. Simply attach the sign to a clear acrylic panel and weave the lights around it before suspending the entire ensemble.

Fantastic Furniture Feasts

  • Backdrop Brilliance: Lean your sign against a floral arch, fabric drapery, or a rustic pallet backdrop. And just when you get to the point where you start figuring out how to hang a neon sign at a wedding on a fabric backdrop, bring in some  fishing lines and safety pins. These lines and pins make it easy to secure the sign behind the fabric.
  • Chair Charmer: Add a personalized touch by flanking your sweetheart table chairs with matching neon signs. Secure the signs to the backs of the chairs using strong adhesive hooks.

Beyond the Wall: Neon Magic Everywhere

How to hang a neon sign at a wedding extends beyond walls and ceilings! Use your imagination:

  • Light Up the Dance Floor: Suspend your sign above the dance floor for a vibrant focal point.
  • Photo Booth Fun: Set up your sign as a playful photo booth backdrop for guests to capture their neon-drenched memories.
  • Tabletop Tales: Use miniature neon signs as centerpieces for a quirky, personalized touch.

Explore The Palette of Illuminated Possibilities

Remember that how you hang your neon sign can be the final touch on your wedding's masterpiece. Let it whisper sweet nothings above the cake table, dance with the shadows above the dance floor, or guide guests to their seats with playful flair. Don't be afraid to break the mold! Your love story deserves a neon spotlight, not a mundane fixture.

So, are you looking for the best sign for your wedding but do not know who to ask?  Visit our Best Buy Neon Signs website! Our team of experts is here to create a truly enchanting and lively atmosphere for your big day. With a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, we can match your love's one-of-a-kind essence. 

Our collection offers countless options, ranging from dazzling initials to inside jokes that you and your significant other only know. Take a moment to explore our designs, let your imagination run wild, and discover the ideal neon beacon that will illuminate your vows, your cake, and your happily ever after.

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