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How Can Personalized Neon Signs Boost Your Bar's Aesthetic?

How Can Personalized Neon Signs Boost Your Bar's Aesthetic?

Your bar should be more than just a place to grab a drink. It should be an experience. It's the laughter of friends catching up, the sigh of relief after a long day melting away, or the clinking glasses celebrating a milestone. But what truly elevates an experience? The atmosphere. Personalized neon bar signs can be your artistic statement, amping up your bar's aesthetic and making it the go-to spot for good times.


Standing Out from the Crowd

It is a given fact that bar signs are everywhere. The traditional “Open” and “Closed” are mandatory, but you could also use personalized neon to give a more personal touch. They could be an artistic burst of color, custom-made to showcase you and your bar's unique personality.


Setting the Mood with Personalized Neon

Think about the feeling you want your bar to have. Chill and sophisticated? Playful and energetic? Personalized neon bar signs can help you achieve that. You can opt for a warm white neon glow spelling out your bar's name above the entrance. Or maybe you want something livelier? A neon sign with your signature cocktail's name in vibrant colors will make it the star of the menu.


Showcasing Your Brand with Neon

Every bar has its own unique charm, yours does too. A personalized neon sign can be the perfect way to show it off. Maybe you have a fun slogan or a quirky mascot. Get it glowing in neon. It'll help customers remember your bar and make it more recognizable. Plus, it could be a great way to start conversations, people would definitely ask about the story behind a cool neon sign.


Beyond the Basics: Creative Uses for Neon

Personalized neon bar signs aren't limited to just your logo or slogan. You can get creative and

  • Highlight your happy hour: A neon sign reading "Happy Hour: Drinks that Don't Break the Bank" is a surefire way to attract customers during that time slot.
  • Point the way to the good times: You can use personalized neon sign arrows to point guests towards the restrooms, the patio, or your famous photo booth.
  • Cool and Catchy Phrases: You can also use personalized phrases like “Gin to My Tonic,” “Take it Easy,” or “Carpe Diem” to lighten the mood. The possibilities are endless, just like the good times at your bar.
  • Showcase Your Signature Brand: Want to let your customers know what alcohol your bar is famous for? You can put up neon signs advertising alcohol brands like Budweiser, Jack Daniels, and SVEDKA to specifically highlight them.


Warming Up the Walls with Personalized Neon

Don’t limit your personalized neon bar signs to windows and doorways. Let them spill inside to create a warm, inviting glow. Hang neon signs that give off a friendly and welcoming vibe to your customers: “P.S. I love your smile,” “If Looks Could Kill,” and “Live More, Worry Less.”


The Power of Customization

The best part about personalized neon bar signs is the power of customization. Every card is in your hands, the color, design, style and even the font. This means that you have all the authority to create your own sign that matches the style of your bar. Want something quirky and fun? Classic yet a touch of modern allure? The ball is well and truly in your court. It’s your time to score a design touchdown!


Shine On with Long-Lasting Neon

The charm of personalized neon bar signs goes back to the 1920s. However, despite their retro allure, today's personalized neon bar signs are actually made using LED lights. These alternatives are more durable, energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. They don’t generate heat, so you do not have to worry about your bar’s temperature as well!


How to Choose the Right Neon Sign for Your Bar

  1. Size That Fits: Consider the size and layout of your storefront when selecting a neon sign. A large sign may overshadow a smaller shop, whereas a small sign may go unnoticed on a busy street.
  2. Coordinate Colors:  Choose neon colors to complement your current branding or storefront design.
  3. Right  Placement is a Mandate: Position your personalized neon bar sign strategically to ensure maximum visibility.  Consider both the daytime and nighttime effects.


Ready to Light Up Your Bar?

It’s time to throw away the tired old signs, your bar deserves better! Personalized neon bar signs that set the mood and rock with your brand's charm. With a dash of creativity, you can craft a personalized neon masterpiece that'll have everyone buzzin' So, what are you waiting for? Let your bar shine with BestBuy Neon. We have overloading pre-designed neon collections for your bars but the best part? You get to customize your personalized neon bar signs to elevate your bar’s aesthetic..
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