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Stunning Neon Bedroom Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Stunning Neon Bedroom Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries, a place to unwind, recharge and show off who we really are. If you want some vibrancy and energy in your space, neon is the way to go! Neon bedroom ideas are all the rage, with their contemporary twist and nostalgic feel rolled into one.

With statement pieces like neon signs or subtle touches such as accents, there are countless ways to infuse this vibrant hue into your bedroom decor. So why not banish dullness for good and embrace the electric with these stunning neon bedroom ideas?


Neon Signs Take Center Stage: Light Up the Walls

When it comes to neon bedroom ideas, though, nothing beats neon signs. They turn a plain wall into an artful masterpiece that speaks volumes about you as an individual. For movie lovers, having a famous quote from their favorite film on display could be an excellent icebreaker. For instance, music fans can have their favorite band logo rendered in cool neon.

Don’t be afraid to get cheeky! How about cheeky phrases like “Night Owl” or “Sweet Dreams”? Your sleep haven would look so much better with your initials, or any other message done in neon.


A Subtle Pop of Color: Neon Accents

On the other hand, if you prefer fainter shades of neon, you can incorporate them by accenting your room with them. If you fix strip lights at strategic locations across your baseboards or behind your headboard, they create a soft ambient glow around the room. Neon lighting starts slowly before taking over completely, illuminating every inch of space.

Moreover, artworks may also contain bits of neon. For example, you may hang mirrors with neon frames on your walls for that unexpected touch or frame quotes highlighted by neon. Neon table lamps give off a gentle light, while small sculptures placed on nightstands act as conversation starters.



Neon Bedding and Furniture: Think Beyond the Sign

Additionally, neon bedroom ideas include more than just wall decorations and lights. For instance, you may decide to throw a blanket or have your duvet cover made of a lively shade of neon. Neon accent pillows can also bring some pizzazz to your room.

Furniture can make even bolder statements, such as nightstands whose edges are lined with neon or chairs upholstered in bright neon fabric. Nonetheless, remember to subdue other parts of your décor by choosing milder colors as much as possible when using such bold furniture.


From Minimalist to Maximalist: Neon for Every Style

That is why, when it comes to neon bedroom ideas, they always fit into any style design desired. For example, minimalists may want to opt for one sleek single neon sign as their centerpiece, while maximalists may go all out, trying out various neon on different signs and walls within the room.


Neon Done Right: The Art of Balance

While adding colour is great in a bedroom, you should maintain balance at all times. Too much brightness from neon can cause loss of sleep due to discomfort. Hence, here are some tips on how you can add it without overdoing it in your bedroom design:

  • Reduce the Number of Neon Signs: One or two high-impact signs are usually enough.
  • Choose Peaceful Neon Shades: Although neon offers a range of colors, go for cooler ones like blue or purple to give you that calm mood.
  • Dimmers Are Your Friend: Put dimmers on your neon lighting so that you can change the brightness as per the occasion.


Neon: Not Only a Fad

Neon bedroom ideas are more than just a fad. This is an opportunity to individualize your living area with loudness and energy while also having a touch of old-school cool. Are you ready?

With a little planning and some inspiring ideas presented below, you can give your bedroom a stunning and energetic atmosphere that speaks to who you really are as an individual. We have several types of neon signs at Best Buy Neon Signs that are perfect for those who dream of having neon bedrooms.

Take a look through our wide array of readymade signs or design one yourself so as to truly make it personal. Go through our neon signs on our website now and start creating your dream neon bedroom!

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