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"Live More Worry Less" LED Neon Sign

Size: 18w x 16h
Color: White
Warm White
Lemon Yellow
Golden Yellow
Light Red
Hot Pink
Dark Blue
Ice Blue
Light Blue
Light Green
Product Description

Invite a sense of tranquility and adventure into your surroundings with the soothing radiance of the 'Live More Worry Less' LED neon sign, encouraging a mindset of embracing life's experiences without hesitation. With its calming glow, this sign serves as a daily affirmation to prioritize the present moment and let go of unnecessary stress.

    Product Details
  • Made from highly durable LED Flex material
  • Energy efficient and designed to always be on
  • Includes a free remote dimmer to adjust brightness
  • Includes easy-to-install mounting kit
  • For indoor use only
  • Free shipping included.