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Light Up Your Love: Learn How to Use Neon Signs for Weddings

Light Up Your Love: Learn How to Use Neon Signs for Weddings

Planning your wedding? Feeling that excitement and love  in the air? It's time to pack up the wedding stress and hold on the fun of creating a celebration that resonates with your love. And guess what? Neon signs for weddings are the hottest trend that's about to add a touch of modern whimsy and playful romance to your big day.


These aren't diner signs from the 80’s. We're talking about vibrant explosions of colors and creativity that will make your wedding photos pop, and your guests take turns to get pictures. A soft, white "Happily Ever After" sign casts a warm glow over your sweetheart's center table. Or maybe you're feeling a little more "Crazy in Love" and “Till Death Do Us Party"? A bright pink neon sign above the dance floor is guaranteed to get everyone grooving and showing their best moves.

Neon signs for weddings are seriously versatile. Want a showstopper? A giant "Mr. & Mrs." sign in your favorite color will instantly become the focal point of your reception. Or maybe you prefer a subtle touch of magic. Neon signs for wedding can be tucked away in different corners, creating pockets of light and love throughout your venue. It's like adding little bursts of personality to your whole celebration.


Unleashing Your Creativity with Neon Signs for Weddings

Sure, a classic "Love" sign is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, but neon signs for weddings can be so much more! Let your imagination take center stage and explore these dazzling ideas:

  1. Shine Your Newly Wedded Names: You can customize your neon wedding sign and make a statement with your newly shared surname in big, beautiful neon wedding sign. It can be a memorable and joyful way to announce your union to the world.
  2. Light the Way for The Guests: You can also use neon signs at weddings to guide your guests to the venue. Signs that say "Welcome" or "Find Your Seat" can help guests find their way throughout the venue.
  3. Love Has No Language: You can also showcase your love for each other in a language that is meaningful to both of you. Romantic words in French, like “Amour" and Spanish, ("Te amo"add an intimate touch to the overall decoration.
  4. Symbolic Shapes: You can also use wedding neon signs like hearts, infinity symbols, or doves. These timeless symbols are instantly recognizable and add a romantic touch.
  5. Words of Love: Obsessed over a quote from your favorite rom-com or poetry? Customize your wedding neon sign with glowing letters of your quote or a poem that resonates with your heart.
  6. Photo Booth Magic: Decorate your photo booth backdrop with  fun and colorful wedding neon signs. This will not only encourage guests to capture memories but also create a novel and focal point in your photos.
  7. Sweet Treats with Neon Eats: Light up your dessert table with a neon sign that says "Candy Bar" or "Sweets Station." It's a fun way to guide guests and adds a touch of whimsy to the sugary goodness.


Beyond the Celebration: Neon Signs for Weddings as Keepsakes

The allure of neon signs for weddings goes far beyond the wedding day. These aren't just momentary decorations but potential keepsakes. These signs can continue to light up your home with love long after the guests have gone.

The neon signs you use at your wedding can be made into home decor. You can place wedding neon signs reading “Happily Ever After” or “Mr & Mrs” on top of the headboard of your bedroom or fireplace to serve as a daily reminder of your love and commitment.


How to Curate to Neon Signs for Weddings

Want neon signs for your wedding? But how do you find the one that matches your wedding decor while still being meaningful? Here is how you should shop your neon for your big day:

  • Look Around Online: There are tons of online websites that make custom neon signs for weddings. Simply browse their online galleries for inspiration, and don't be shy to ask for a quote on your dream design.
  • Think Local Love: Support and promote small businesses! Check around and see if there are any local stores in your area that can create a custom piece based on your vision.
  • Rent a Light: Renting neon signs for your wedding is a budget-friendly option, especially if you only plan to use them on the big day.


 Neon Signs for a Wedding to Remember

Want a wedding that wows? Light up your love story with neon signs for the wedding, turning photos into vibrant memories. Neon signs aren't just a fad - they become keepsakes, illuminating your home with love long after the party's over. Personalize your day, ignite memories, and let neon signs light up your happily ever after!

Are you ready to let your love story take center stage? Personalize with your newlywed surname, a favourite quote, or a playful design that reflects your unique love story. Light up your dessert table, and guide guests with customizable neon signs for wedding from BestBuy Neon!

Our neon signs for weddings are customizable wonders that transform into keepsakes, lighting up your home with lasting love. Let neon signs add a timeless, personalized touch and make your happily ever after shimmer!
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